Saturday, 5 March 2016

How I Lost 5kg in 9 days

As the popular saying goes, if you want to have what you’ve never got, you have to do what you never done. Simply put, challenge yourself, and you will be surprise at what you can achieve.

In 2011 we welcomed our first child and in 2012 14 months our first daughter was born, we welcome our second. Pre children days, I was a size 10, but ended up as a size 14 after two back to back CS session. I love my kids to bits but after our second turned 2, I decided to go back to my pre- pregnancy weight.

I live a healthy and active life style and continued doing so after kids, and I managed to drop to size 12, purely from eating healthy and working but, but I couldn’t get rid of my tommy fat.

I decided to do something about it, so in June 2015, I decided to go on a diet. This decision was relatively easy to make however I didn’t know which diet program to embark on.
I wanted something short, that I will not result in some drastic measures, something which was sustainable. I researched several options, but nothing appealed to me.

Enter the Clean 9
I decided to go on the Clean 9 cleansing program, which is part of the Forever Living weight management program. What I liked about it, is the fact that it gave a step by step guide on how to go about it. (you can get yours here) Clean 9

I had read quite some good reviews about it, however, the main attraction for me was that it was only 9 days. I jumped on board immediately and thought to myself, I can do this, it is only 9 days of my life, I can do it. I didn't know what to expect but got on it just to shift the extra flesh around my waist line, which has refused to shift after the CS.
I found it easy to follow as it was very structured, with eating plans, suggested food options and encouraging tips.

Before I started my weight was 66kg, after the program, I was a healthy 61kg. losing a whopping 5kg in 9 days. To say I was thrilled was an understatement. I feel and look better, my flabby tommy has gone.

Going on the clean 9 reinforced my healthy eating habits and I have remained on this path, which meant I dropped a further 3kg. I am now a healthy 58kg. Although designed as to cleanse, sticking to the program will result a weight loss.

The problem with dieting is that we soon go back to our old habits and pile back the weight. I wanted something I can sustain, something which did not involve staving.
The reason I have kept the weight off is due to the fact that I have maintained healthy eating habits combined with an active lifestyle, as well as eating everything in moderation.
This is not to impress anyone but to impress upon you that whatever you want is possible, with a little determination and staying power you can do anything.

Although this is a cleanse, you eat on the program, which is why it is sustainable, results will vary from one person to the other.
You can find out more by clicking the sport and weight management link above
You can also order your clean 9 pack here  clean 9 pack

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