Monday, 1 August 2016

12 Tips To Positivity

1. Write down what you’re thankful for…Doing so will put things in perspective and gratitude will start to become an instinctive reaction.
2. Surround yourself with positive people…Your mood will be lifted and their behaviour will begin to rub off on you.
3. Take care of yourself…Eating well and getting plenty of rest and exercise will help you to feel healthier both physically and mentally.
4. Take responsibility for actions…Instead of playing the role of the victim, try taking control of your life by learning from your mistakes.
5. Reach out to the community…It’s amazing what effect volunteering and helping others can have on the way you think.
6. Compliment others…Doing so regularly (and genuinely) will turn ‘looking for the good’ into an instinctive habit.
7. Read inspirational books and articles…Consuming positive material will have an effect on the way you think, ultimately encouraging positive thinking.
8. Consider the consequences…If you think you’re going to fail at something, the chances are you will. Don’t set yourself up for a fall!
9. Work towards a goal…This will help you to remain focused, giving you the motivation to overcome any obstacles.
10. Identify and replace negativity…Recognise when you’re being negative and replace those thoughts with something more beneficial.
11. Practice makes perfect…The above won’t happen overnight so make sure you persevere with these practical tips.
12. Don’t give up…Keep persisting; you will eventually get there!