Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Skin Food

Beauty doesn't just come from what you apply on your skin, it also has a much to do with what you put inside your body.
Today's article was written by Liz Earle, skin expert. I have long been a believer in ensuring that we put the right stuff inside of us, which makes this article very interesting.

The following is recommended routine for various skin type

Smoothie skin soother: a juice to help eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea
Calming and soothing ingredients such as cucumber and fennel can help to combat skin inflammation. Skin-calming antioxidants and anti-inflammatory essential fatty acids also work well here, so try piercing an evening-primrose- or borage-seed-oil capsule to enrich the juice.
This is one of my all-time favourites: a velvety green, smoothie-style juice.
Makes one large glass
1 large apple
1 large carrot
½ bulb fennel
¼ medium-sized cucumber
½ ripe avocado
1 borage-seed-oil capsule or evening-primrose-oil capsule
Juice the apple, carrot, fennel and cucumber, in their entirety, in a juicer before transferring the combined juices to a blender. Add the avocado flesh and the contents of your chosen oil capsule, then whizz until smooth.

Greenie genie: a juice to help acne or problem skin

Alkalising green juices are especially beneficial for improving acne. Go for ingredients such as asparagus, celery, parsley and watercress, and don't overload on high-fructose fruits. Carrot juice, rich in beta-carotene, is also a useful addition, but try to keep the juices mostly green.
This is a deliciously light juice with a refreshing ginger tang. The grassiness of the green ingredients is slightly sweetened by the apples. Makes one large glass
2 medium apples
2 medium carrots
2cm (1in) cube ginger, unpeeled
4 small asparagus spears
small handful parsley
small handful freshly cut wheatgrass, or 1 level tsp of powdered greens, such as wheatgrass, chlorella or spirulina
Juice together all the ingredients, in their entirety, stirring in your chosen powdered greens (if using) just before serving.

Plumper skin perfecter: a juice for dry and mature skin

To tackle wrinkles, choose blueberries, blackberries, black grapes and dark cherries, all of which are rich in anthocyanidins. (The vitamin C in the fruit is also useful, supporting collagen and elastin fibres.) Blend these, though, as juicing removes their skins, which contain polyphenols and resveratrol (these phytonutrients have been linked to longevity because of their ability to slow down cell oxidisation). You can add essential fatty acids to the mix by piercing an evening-primrose-oil and a natural-source vitamin-E capsule and add the liquid to the juice. Or simply add a dash of cold-pressed flaxseed, rapeseed or olive oil.
This is a fabulously pretty, subtly flavoured juice, and one that you can make if you don't have a juicer, as you can use freshly pressed apple juice from a carton.
Makes one large glass
2 large apples, or 200ml (7fl oz) fresh apple juice
generous handful seedless black grapes, approx 30
generous handful blueberries, blackberries or pitted dark cherries, approx. 30
½ tbsp cold-pressed flaxseed, rapeseed, walnut or olive oil
Juice the apples then transfer to a blender with the grapes and your choice of blueberries, blackberries or cherries. Blitz until smooth. Stir in your chosen plant oil before serving.

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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Tips to maintain you digestive health.

Each year we’re introduced to a number of dietary trends that suggest we omit/include a number of foods in our daily diets.

Is it dairy or non-dairy – gluten or gluten free? It’s becoming hard to keep up!

Despite constant debate on which foods we should eat, the fact remains…no matter the advancements in dietary research, our digestive systems have remained the same. As we navigate through the adventures of healthy eating, it’s important to keep in mind the significance of your digestive health. Here are a few fun facts to remember, to help as you make the best decisions for your body!

‘Good’ bacteria can help you: Many foods we eat consist of living organisms—also known as probiotics. Balancing the number of healthy micros in our system means a natural, healthier balanced digestive system. Probiotics can be found in a number of foods like yogurt, milk, soft cheeses, sourdough bread and even chocolate.

Proper digestion and weight-loss go hand-in-hand: Slow and steady wins the race! Detoxifying or cleansing the body can aid in the process of improving your digestive health and long-term weight loss. Our bodies need the occasional re-boot to perform at their peak.

Food can promote healthy digestion: Your digestive system is designed to turn food into energy and extract vitamins and minerals to maintain optimal function. Supporting your digestive system with a balanced diet helps enhance nutrient absorption and utilization. Green vegetables keep cells in your gut working properly while foods such as garlic and ginger help fight infection, bad bacteria and viruses.

Why is fibre so important? As you consume and digest food, fibre helps move waste through our digestive tract. Lowering the amount of waste in your body means the elimination of harmful toxins, which may lower the risk of developing digestive diseases.

Hot drinks help promote digestion: There’s a reason why servers offer warm beverages after your meal in a restaurant.

Whether before you eat or after a meal, hot water and tea are excellent ways to build digestive strength. Herbs that encourage healthy digestion and make perfect herbal teas are chamomile, peppermint and cinnamon.

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