Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Aloe Vera: The Miracle Plant

This plant is one of the oldest know medicinal plants, used by both the Egyptians and the early Greek doctors long before modern medicine. The ancient Egyptians used it for beauty care and health.

The Aloe Vera Plant is a Cactus-like plant, growing in the warmer climates of the world, it is also a member of the lily and onion family of plants.

There are different species of the plant but the one with the health benefit is the Barbadensis miller. It is widely accepted that the plant has healing powers, but scientists have not been able to explain or duplicate the plant’s effectiveness until the 1968, when an American Pharmacist discovered a method to extract and naturally stablise the “gel” from the leaves while still preserving its natural healing potency.

Most beauty products now have listed as it’s ingredient Aloe Vera, this is because consumers are aware of the benefits of Aloe, and manufactures wants to take advantage of that.

Aloe Vera Contains over 75 known active ingredients, including 19 of the 20 amino acids required by the body and seven of the eight essential amino acids, as well as the abundance of several vitamins and minerals. Including vitamin C which increases iron absorption and contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. it an excellent supplement for vegetarians and vegans, as it is packed with an abundance of nutrients.

At a glance Aloe Vera

·         Boosts the immune system, it contains unique polysaccharides including acemannan

·         Contains Antiseptic Agents

·         It is an anti-pruritic, effective against itching.

·         Commonly used to treat sunburns.

·         Increases blood flow to the skin

·         Naturally cleanses- effective detoxifies the body systems

·         Adaptogen: it corrects imbalances.

·         Penetrates tissues many layers of skin deep into the dermis

·         Naturally anti-inflammatory as it contains plants steroids

·         Stimulates cell regeneration

·         Natural pain killer as it contains natural analgesics

·         It is bactericidal, fungicidal and viricidal

·         Breaks down dead tissue- contains proteolytic enzymes.

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Source: Forever Living website: Journal of natural medicine, Wikipedia

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