Sunday, 27 December 2015

Clean 9: a better way.

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In July I went on the Forever Living 9 days cleaning program, designed to kick start my weight loss journey. Following the program helps deal with chemical burden and aids weight loss by supporting the body’s clean pathways.  
I  reduced from 66kg to 58kg and dropped 2 dress sizes in the process. I have kept the weight off, and thanks to clean 9 I have changed my relationship with food. 

There are many reasons why weight loss happens during the  9 day Cleanse. When you transform your diet, you remove the foods that are mucous forming and water retaining. You also reduce cravings so there is less emotional eating.
But here’s the most important reason: 90% of the harmful chemicals we consume are lipophilic, which means they dissolve only in fat. When you consume them and they enter your blood stream, your body retains and even generates fat to surround the toxic molecule.

When we talk about getting rid of harmful chemicals, this is the body trying to protect us from unwanted and dangerous substances.The body attempts to isolate these chemicals by surrounding them with mucous and fat.  This, in turn, prevents an imbalance in the body, which can if not dealt with lead to more serious health issues. 

After my clean 9 in July, I continued following the guide in the C9 booklet which comes in the pack, this enabled me to change my snacking habits, by sticking to the recommended low GI fruits and vegetables. 

Cleaning twice a year, helps your body to rid of these dangerous chemicals.
Once these harmful chemicals are gone from your body, there is no need for mucous and fat to remain stored within your system. By ridding your system of these elements you will burn off unwanted fat quickly!
This is why I will be cleaning it in the New Year. 
Clean 9 has an amazing system that takes the guesswork out of cleansing and  is totally natural and safe to use. The 9 day program will ensure your body gets all the beneficial daily nutrients needed for good health without dangerous chemicals getting in the way.

All you need is contained in the pack, (excluding the recommended food), plus will power and determination.
See our next post for what comes in the Clean 9 pack

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