Sunday, 3 January 2016

Enter The Clean 9 Program

Starting the detox program requires some determination and consistency. But most of all guidance. 

The clean 9 pack comes with a booklet which gives guidance on the program. 

The C9 pack comes with
1 litre Aloe Vera Gel  x 2: this is Forever's best selling products and the basis of the clean 9 program

Forever Lite Ultra with Aminotein:
Healthy meal replacement shake packed with nutrients 

Forever Therm: innovative formula containing a special blend of vitamins

Forever Garcinia plus: A weight management supplement, derived from a tree native to Southeast Asia 

Forever Fiber: water soluble fibre

Shaker: take your shakes and supplements wherever you go with our very own shaker

Tape measure: are you measuring up? Keep track of your progress throughout the programme 
As well as feeling lighter and looking better, you will notice a change in your eating habits. 

I dropped 2 dress sizes and you too can... Decide to go clean 
Order your pack here 

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