Sunday, 24 January 2016

My Miracle Tooth Paste.

Happy Sunday all.

Last year I had very bad too ache. I made frequent trips to the Dentis as I noticed blood whenever I brushed. I was told I had gum disease. In July I had a bad abscess which lasted for over a month despite taking antibiotics. I had an X-ray and was told the tooth has to come out ASAP....
Well, I was not ready to part with one of my tooth so I decided to live with it.

I normally use the forever Bright toothgel, but not religiously, so I researched it a little bit more. Reading about it's healing properties was very encouraging. Here's what I found

Forever Bright Tooth Gel is a gentle, non-fluoride formula, that contains aloe vera and bee propolis. It nourishes, strengthens and protects teeth and gums whilst fighting plaque and whitening without bleaching agents. A great minty taste in a non-abrasive formula

Since I started using it in August, I no longer have bleeding gums. The pain, bleeding and abscess has since disappeared.  I can now eat with the left side of my mount and I have not visited the Dentis.. Since. Bad I know, but I do visit my dentist every 4 months so I booking to see them soon.
Yesterday, I felt pain and swelling on the left side of my mouth and feared the worse , when I checked, I saw a big abscess on the outer gum. Before bed, I decided to apply some Forever Bright Tooth Gel to the abscess. I was shocked to wake up this morning without pain or swelling.
I wish I had taken pictures to show... But I am sure you won't want to see the inside of my mouth.

Why was this possible:
According to an article published in Healthier Life website,  Bee Propolis  has proved successful against a range of dental disorders - from plaque and cavities to gum disease and mouth ulcers, as well as having other health benefits. Added to toothpaste, it prevents periodontal disease, and is antiplaque/anti-inflammatory. See the article here.

Who can use it?

Debbie Ozono's photo.
Anyone, including pets and children. It is formulated for the entire family to use. Forever Bright contains only the highest quality ingredients. It is also suitable for vegetarians since it contains no animal by-products, it has a natural peppermint and spearmint flavourings leaving your mouth feeling fresh and clean. I have two girls and they both cannot get enough of it.

If you or anyone you know suffers from prolong tooth problem, try it and see, you may find relief like I did. plus you have 60 days money back guarantee.

You can purchase one here using code 28, click on the tab, enter shop and select your country to take you to your home country, where the prices will be displayed in your local currency.

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