Thursday, 7 January 2016

Understanding Weight Loss and Gain


I often think of how I came about putting on more weight than I should, but I have heard comments like, I don’t eat much, but put on weight. Or no matter how much I eat I just cannot put on weight. Apart from a few whose weight gain remains the same regardless of whether they eat, the majority of us are what we eat.

To understand how weight gain and loss works, think of your body as a balane of energy in and energy out.

The energy in is what we take in, in the form of calories in our food and then depending on how active we are, burn this energy as we go through the day. Walking, shopping, and going about our everyday chores, contributes to energy out. Now don’t jump into your car and head for the nearest shopping mall to burn some credit card… that may be good for your health but bad for your pocket.

To stay the same weight your energy in and energy out needs to be the same. We gain weight when the energy we take in is more than the energy we need.

So when I embarked on my 9 day detox, the energy I took in daily reduced to 600 for the first two days and 1000 carlories from days 6 through 9. After the 9 days I had gone from 66kg to 61kg. dropping 5kg in the process, without execise but just going about my daily routine.

I lost weight because I tip the balance so that by taking less energy and by burning more energy, I lost a few kg. I would have dropped more if I had actively done some serious gym work.

Long Term.

A few people who embarked on the same journey did not lose as much and where they did, immediately put it all back, one reason for this is lack of desire or dedication to their weight loss goal.

Having dropped a dress size, I was happy with my  new look and never wanted to go back to my old weight. I did not return to my old eating habits as I was determined to come down to my pre -pregnancy weight, as a result I decided to continue using the steps in the clean 9 program and lost a further 2kg.

Losing weight can be hard, and managing your weight will need to be a lifelong commitment. The habits that have led you your current weight took time to develop, so changing to healthier habits will take time too.

Often I hear people say they want something they can sustain, sustainability is up to you. Decide on change and you will sustain whatever diet you have embarked on.

The problem is all in the mind, before starting your weight loss journey, work on your mind, make sure you are feeling positive and are prepared for the challenge.
Focus on the positive things that can come from losing weight, like having more energy, better health, buying new clothes, and feeling great.

Things you can do to help you

Eat less than others around you
Schedule more activity into your day/week.
Plan and stay focus.
Think of the outcome

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